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5 Baby Clothing Subscription Boxes for Any Parent to Consider

Unbox the Perfect Outfits for Your Bundle of Joy

One big challenge of being a parent today is keeping up with the amount of baby clothing you go through on an almost monthly basis due to your baby’s ever-continuing growth spurts. It can be challenging because what fit them last week might be too tight or too short this week. This is where using a baby clothing subscription box can help you overcome this challenge. Below is a list of my top picks regarding baby clothing subscriptions and why these companies make great options for dressing your baby.

1. Upchoose

Upchoose provides its subscribers with organic baby clothing from brands like Under The Nile, Finn + Emma, Kate Quinn Organics, Colored Organics, Burt's Bees Baby, L'ovedbaby and more. One of the things that I like best about Upchoose is that you take a quiz to design your baby’s clothing set based on their age and size; your baby wears the clothes until they grow out of them, and then you send the clothes back to receive a new box with the new size.

You have the option to choose new or used clothes, and their entire model works out to be better for the environment, making it a more sustainable baby clothing option. The cost will depend on how many items you wish to receive and whether you choose pre-loved or used. Prices start at $29 a month for 12 pre-loved items.

2. Suprisly

Suprisly is another sustainable baby clothing option, but not quite on the same level as Upchoose. This subscription service was started by a family who had a baby with eczema. After tons of research and trial and error, they found that ensuring their child was dressed in cotton clothing helped manage eczema. Thus, they started the company after researching and partnering with brands that provided baby clothing made of 100% cotton and organic cotton materials.

Suprisly provides subscribers with three new outfits per month for their baby clothing subscription. For $69 a month, you will receive a day-out outfit, a playtime outfit and sleepwear.

3. Rent-a-Romper

Another sustainable clothing option for a subscription box is Rent-a-Romper. Rent-a-romper is dedicated to reducing the amount of clothing textiles that end up in landfills. They also aim to help families save money on the clothing they purchase for their babies yearly. Their website shows that a year subscription with Rent-a-Romper costs an average of $288 while buying new baby clothing would cost over $1100 a year.

Like the other baby clothing subscription boxes mentioned, Rent-a-Romper offers clothing that is gently used and made of organic materials. Their base monthly subscription costs $24 a month, and you get seven clothing items that you can swap out for new clothes at any time. Their memberships do go up in number of items and price per month, and you also have the option to do add-ons of swimwear and sleepwear. Their sizes range from preemie up to 5T.

4. Dopple

If you want to have only brand-new clothing for your child, Dopple is probably more up your alley. This subscription box offers “drops” based on the style quiz you fill out before ordering. Based on your style, they will send you a personally curated dropbox every three months. Since they have partnered with over 1000 brands, the selection they choose will fit your child’s style.

On top of this, you only have to pay for the items in the box you want to keep. Whatever you don’t want, you mail back to Dopple. This subscription box has a $10 non-refundable service fee, and the rest of the cost is dependent on what items you choose to keep. They offer kids' clothing from newborn up to size 14Y.

5. Child’s Play

Child’s Play is a subscription box born from a store that used to sell preloved kids' clothing out of a physical store in California. Their physical store closed in August 2020, but the demand for resale clothing was still there, and they started their online business; this is another great option for anyone looking for sustainable baby clothing.

They offer two different options for a subscription. You can do a monthly subscription for $59 a month and receive six to ten items, or have a quarterly subscription for $147 every three months and receive 15 to 25 items.

On top of this, Child’s Play does have a leg up on the other subscription boxes I’ve already mentioned; this is because not only can you return the kid's clothing from Child’s Play that your child has outgrown, but you can also return any other clothing that they have outgrown and the store will give you credit towards your next box.

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