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How to Groom a Beard the Right Way

Top 4 Beard Grooming Tips

There is no formula on how to grow a beard the right way, they just grow naturally. Unfortunately, not everyone can grow their beard long, thick and strong. To make sure your beard complements the rest of your look, you should follow our top 5 grooming tips. Want a timeless look that is not too obscure, hard to achieve, or even too bushy? Here are all the beard grooming tips and tricks that you should know about!

1. Beard Maintenance

A perfect beard maintenance routine starts with general care, such as getting enough sleep, drinking water, eating healthy and avoiding stress. Your hair and skin can't be neglected, as they are closely connected to your beard health. Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone promote facial hair development. Stress, sleep deprivation and poor diet can lower testosterone levels. Make sure that you include the following vitamins in your everyday routine if you wish to get a thicker fuller beard:

  • Vitamin A & B.
  • Vitamin K & E.
  • Zinc.
  • Selenium.

2. Beard Trimming

If you want your facial hair and skin to look their best, you need to adopt some good beard habits. Make sure that you grow it out to a specific length before you style it.

  • If you are unsure of the length you want, start with a higher guard head and work your way down adjusting it accordingly.
  • Use a beard comb to comb your facial hair (and mustache) into place.
  • If any hairs stick out past your lip, snip them off.
  • Different trimmers have different lengths of the guard, depending on whether they are intended for beards or hair. A "1" could mean either "1mm" or "1/4" depending on the brand that you are using.
  • Go for a guard that you like the best.
  • If you want your beard to look good when you wear it in public, you should always trim it when it's dry.

3. Invest in a Beard Trimmer

Although there are numerous models and types of beard trimmers, their purpose is evident. Many worldwide famous brands compete for your attention and money by offering a wide range of models and style alternatives. Some are marketed as basic trimmers with a "this is all you'll ever need" label, while others are made for full-body shaving and grooming. If you want to regularly maintain its length, shape and beauty, an expensive beard trimmer can be well worth the investment.

4. Moisturize Your Beard

Beard oil is like the lotion or moisturizer you use every day, so you may think of it in the same way. However, while beard balms do help keep facial hair moisturized, that's not their primary function. Now available is the beard softener, which functions similarly to the conditioner you use for your hair after shampooing. These softeners should be applied at the very last minute of a shower, before getting out. This is the best technique to maintain smooth skin and reduce beard irritation or redness.

Brands to Consider


Since its establishment in New York City in 1851, Kiehl's has gained a reputation as an authority in all things skincare-related. Although you would have assumed it was solely for women, the brand also produces high-quality skincare items for men. It is not too pricey and is available in stores across the world.

Seven Potions

Seven Potions has always ensured that all its products meet proper safety and quality control. One of their best-sellers is a kit from 2022 that can be used by all men, despite their age. Enjoy their beard balm and beard grooming kit, as well as their medium-priced points.

Black Label

Black Label is an amazing brand that has a highly sold and well-loved beard wash and beard oil, which is often on sale. You can rely on them for hair-care products as well. One of their best-sellers is their nicely crafted collection of grooming products and you are going to love their sleek and minimalistic all-black packaging.

In Conclusion

You should know that beard growth doesn't happen overnight and that you should take your time with growing it out and moisturizing your facial hairs. Include some crucial items and products to your everyday routine and you'll be seeing results sooner than expected!