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10 Dating Cruises for Single Adults

Anchors Away to Romance

Dating cruises for single adults are an exciting way for individuals to explore exotic destinations, enjoy onboard entertainment and potentially meet that special someone. Single adult cruises come in various formats, from specific singles cruises with special activities and events designed to bring people together, to regular cruises that offer a sociable environment for solo travelers. Here are details on what some popular cruise lines offer for singles looking to mingle.

10 Singles Cruises for Romantic Connections

1. Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises provides luxury expeditions across the globe. For singles, their offerings include smaller ships with a more intimate and inclusive atmosphere, which can be great for meeting fellow travelers. In addition, their personalized service fosters a warm environment for solo travelers to connect with others.

2. Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages is known for disrupting the traditional cruise market, with a focus on adult-only voyages that champion a youthful and vibrant atmosphere. Their ships offer trendy dining, entertainment and wellness activities, ideal for solo cruisers looking to meet other adventurous singles. They offer cabins designed for solo travelers and occasionally have themed cruises that can be geared towards singles.

3. Norwegian Cruise Line

NCL is one of the first lines to offer studio accommodations specifically for single cruisers, which also provide access to a private lounge for socializing. They often host solo gatherings where single travelers can meet and enjoy the cruise together, making it a highly conducive environment for singles.

4. Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean boasts some of the largest cruise ships in the world, complete with a myriad of activities and events. While they don't offer singles-only cruises, they provide plenty of opportunities for single adults to meet through activities like dance classes, sports competitions and social meet-ups hosted onboard.

5. Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises offers a sophisticated cruising experience. They are known for their solo traveler-friendly atmosphere, with events and activities designed to include everyone. Plus, they often have reduced single supplements making it more affordable for solo cruisers.

6. Holland America Line

Holland America Line tends to attract a more mature crowd and offers a Single Partners Program, which includes hosted events for solo cruisers and even assigns gentleman hosts to accompany single women to dinner and dancing. This makes it an attractive option for single adults looking for a quieter, but no less engaging experience.

7. Carnival Cruises

Carnival offers a fun-loving atmosphere that's conducive to singles mingling. Their laid-back vibe and round-the-clock entertainment give solo cruisers plenty of opportunities to meet and connect with other singles.

8. Seabourn

Seabourn is all about luxury and their smaller ships offer a more intimate feel than the larger cruise liners. They provide opportunities for single travelers to join in on social dining and events, but such plush settings tend to come with a higher price tag. This makes it perfect for singles who are looking to indulge and meet likewise financially independent individuals.

9. Cunard

Cunard maintains the tradition of ocean liners with a classic and elegant experience. Their ships are known for sophisticated soirees, making them ideal for solo travelers who appreciates a refined atmosphere. Cunard also organizes events for singles, as well as activities like dance classes where partners are always needed, making it easy to meet others.

10. AmaWaterways

AmaWaterways offers river cruises with an intimate and upscale setting. Their welcoming policy, including reduced single supplements on certain itineraries and inclusive onshore excursions, can help single adults feel at ease meeting new people.

What to Look for When Booking a Singles Cruise

For those ready to sail the single seas, there are certain things to consider before booking a cruise.


Select cruise lines offer studio rooms or waive single supplements, which means no extra fees for occupying a double room as a single guest. Look for these accommodations as they not only save money but also indicate a cruise line that caters to solo travelers.

Age Demographic

Different cruise lines attract different age groups. It's useful to research which demographic prevails on specific cruise lines or on specific voyages to ensure you're amongst peers who share similar interests.

Onboard Activities and Events

The best cruises for singles offer plenty of activities and events that facilitate meeting other single cruisers. Look at the itinerary and onboard amenities to see if there are events like singles mixers, dance parties or sports activities.

Destination and Excursion Opportunities

Some destinations are more singles-friendly, offering adventurous excursions or cultural experiences where it’s easy to interact with other solo travelers. Consider the nature of the ports and the excursion types available.

Cruise Length

The length of the cruise can impact the dynamic of relationships formed onboard. Consider how much time you'll want to spend with potential new friends or romantic interests when selecting the duration of your cruise.

Overall Atmosphere

The ship's vibe should align with your preferences. If you prefer a party atmosphere, look for a cruise known for its nightlife. Or for a more subdued and intimate setting, opt for luxury or smaller ships.

Cruise into Romance

Choosing the right singles cruise could lead to memories of a lifetime, with the prospect of making new friends or meeting that special someone while traveling the high seas. With thoughtful preparation and consideration of the points above, you can find the ideal cruise to suit your individual needs and ensure the journey is just as delightful as the destination.