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4 GPS Vehicle Trackers to Consider

What Are GPS Vehicle Trackers?

You may think you already know what a GPS vehicle tracker is, but chances are that you’re actually thinking of a satellite navigation (satnav) system. While similar in some aspects, GPS vehicle trackers differ in that they provide fleet managers, parents and drivers themselves with peace of mind by collecting and storing location data and speed. This is why GPS trackers are trusted by business owners, parents and insurers alike.

A GPS vehicle tracker is a device that can be used to obtain data about a car, van or truck’s geographical location. They tend to be used by vehicle owners, parents of young drivers and business owners who manage a fleet. The devices track vehicles both when they’re on the move and stationary, providing a live location and other details including speed and acceleration.

Satnav systems provides real-time travel directions, while GPS vehicle trackers share the data with others who have permission to read it and store that data in the long term.

Top Picks for GPS Vehicle Trackers

With so many different devices on the market, which GPS navigator is best for you? Let’s explore our four favorites.


When it comes to reliable brands, few meet the high-quality threshold of Verizon. With decades of experience in the vehicle GPS market, these tried and tested devices are a great choice for your car, van or truck.

With Verizon, you can see real-time data about vehicles through an easy-to-use app. For business owners, Verizon provides reliable data about your drivers and offers insights to help reduce fuel consumption. You’ll also see accurate ETAs to boost efficiency amongst your team. For parents, you’ll be able to see quickly and easily where your child is located and how their drive was.


The staff at Vodafone aren’t just experts in the mobile phone world, but they are also innovating when it comes to GPS trackers. Their Curve product can be attached to almost anything, including your vehicle. Simply place the tracker in a car and keep up to date with its location - keeping you safe and on task.

The Vodafone Curve doesn’t have as many features as other GPS trackers on the market, but it’s an affordable option for those who simply need to track a driver’s live location.


CarLock’s GPS tracking solution is the perfect tool for anxious parents looking to monitor a teenage driver in their family. Not only does CarLock track location and speed, but it can monitor harsh acceleration, hard braking and sharp cornering. Each month, you’ll receive a safety score for your child - which, if low, may suggest reckless behavior on the roads.

That’s not all! CarLock comes with a fantastic two-year warranty and acts as a virtual mechanic. It’s able to provide information about the health of your car - including details about the battery life. Plus, the built-in GPS navigator means that you can track your car if it’s stolen.


If you’re looking for a cheaper option, why not consider the Streetwize GPS tracker? There’s no monthly payment like with some other GPS tracking systems, though you need to top up £10 every four months.

While you won’t be able to obtain speed or acceleration information, you’ll be able to track a car simply by sending a text. All you need to do is send a text message to a number you’ll be provided and you’ll receive a live location. It’s perfect for parents and drivers who want to be able to track a car for safety reasons.

Why Are GPS Vehicle Trackers Useful?

GPS tracking systems are useful to drivers because they provide information about journeys they have taken. This is very important for people who are employed as a driver as they can use this data as evidence to their employer that they completed a task effectively. It’s useful to managers too, who can access the data in real-time to ensure their employees are carrying out their responsibilities correctly.

Parents tend to use GPS tracking devices to ensure that their child is safe and has arrived at their destination. By also providing speed data, these trackers can provide reassurance that a teenage driver is following the legal speed limits. Some insurers will even offer cheaper insurance if there’s clear evidence of a GPS vehicle tracker being used.