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A Guide To Overseas Graduate Scholarships

Types of Scholarships for International Students

Studying overseas as a foreign exchange student is an excellent way to study new cultures and topics you can’t find in your home country. However, it does come at a cost, a significant financial cost.

This is why before you look at studying abroad, you should see if you can apply for financial aid to study overseas.

This article will discuss why international students should apply for a scholarship, what are some of the criteria and why studying abroad can be worthwhile.

Why Should You Study Overseas

One of the biggest reasons why people become international students is to learn and experience different cultures and backgrounds. As each nationality has its own customs and cultures, it can be a unique and eye-opening experience for students. It can also be a lot of fun!

Studying overseas can also be good if you want to learn about the culture and people of the place that you are studying. For example, if you want to learn the language and culture of Germany, it can be wise to study in Germany. So you can get first-hand experience with the language and culture.

Many graduate students who studied different languages and cultures abroad feel that the cost is certainly worth it, as you can not truly understand the culture from hundreds of miles away.

Overseas Scholarships

Studying abroad is not cheap. You need to apply for a student visa, pay accommodation costs and also pay for the studies themselves; this can add up very quickly, so you should consider applying for a scholarship to study overseas.

Overseas scholarships are harder to get as you are not only applying against students in your home country, you are applying against students from around the world.

What Is An Overseas Scholarship

An overseas scholarship is a type of financial aid given to students to study abroad. Now these types of scholarships are not easy to get and are highly sought after. So, you need to make sure your application stands out.

A scholarship and a student loan are similar but are different in the way that a scholarship does not need to be paid back, unlike a student loan. Scholarships are earned through merit, such as academic merit, athletic merit and artistic merit.

You may also hear about a student grant, which is also not a loan, but grants are given to students in need over a merit-based system.

Who Can Get An Overseas Scholarship

The simple answer to who can apply for an overseas scholarship is anyone. Any student can apply for one of these scholarships, but there are some requirements for applicants to get one of the scholarships.

Below is a list of some common types of scholarships you can get.

  1. Scholarship for Research Achievements. This type of scholarship is given to students who will undertake the Bachelor Of Science degree; this can be a difficult scholarship to get.
  2. Scholarship for low-income Students. Similar to a student grant, these scholarships can help students with living costs and their studies.
  3. Scholarship for Athletics. If you play a sport that is not popular in your country, you can apply for these scholarships to play the sport at an international university. To get this scholarship, you need to be able to prove that you have the right skills.
  4. Scholarship for All International Students. This type of student scholarship is often given out by private institutions or non-profit organizations. Almost any student can apply for this type of scholarship.
  5. Scholarship for Academic Excellence. To get this scholarship, you need to be a top academic student. Universities will often give out these types of scholarships as they want the best students at their institution.

How Can An Overseas Scholarship Help

An overseas scholarship can help students with their studies by helping them afford them.

Traveling and living overseas is expensive and university fees are extremely expensive. So by helping students pay for these fees, they can concentrate on their studies and not have to worry about finances.

Countries That Offer International Student Scholarships

Here is a list of countries and institutions that give out scholarships for international students.

Each of these scholarships offers different benefits and has unique requirements for studying abroad.


With all the information we have given you about studying overseas, hopefully, you can make an informed decision if you want to study overseas and how to go about it.

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