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How to Find the Ultimate Sustainable Bathing Suit

Top Swimwear Options

Shopping for a bathing suit, swim shorts or bikini can be stressful. From the unflattering lighting in the changing rooms (just WHY do they have to make it so bright?!) to the stress of finding a fit that’s both cute and flattering.

Not to mention, you’ve got worries about the sustainability of the material and the ethical practices of the brand to contend with. Luckily, there are plenty of clothing or swimwear-only brands that now specialize in sustainable bathing suits that promise not to harm the planet or their workers.

Why Are Some Bathing Suits Unsustainable?

Sustainability is an issue across the whole fashion industry, not just swimwear. In fact, 92 million tonnes of clothing waste are created every year!

But the issue is particularly pertinent to swimwear. Why?

One problem is that consumers tend to buy swimwear for one summer or one vacation and then throw it away and buy new products before the next one. That means if you go on a two-week vacation and throw away your bathing suit at the end of it, your swimwear is being used for two weeks before heading straight to the landfill.

Plus, many of these bathing suits aren’t actually built to last, so they’ll break within a year of use, leaving you needing to buy a new one unnecessarily.

Another problem with bathing suits is that they’re commonly made from synthetic materials such as plastic. The problem with these isn’t just that they don’t decompose like natural materials, but that they’re also typically made using fossil fuels. Not great for the environment on multiple counts!

What to Look for in a Sustainable Bathing Suit

The good news is that sustainable swimwear is on the rise, with swimwear brands realizing the consumer demand for bathing suits that don’t harm the planet.

Here are a few things to look for in a sustainable bathing suit the next time you’re shopping for the beach:

Avoid brands that have an entirely new range of clothes every week and discount their clothes heavily every couple of weeks. These brands are encouraging overconsumption, which is harmful to the environment.

Look for bathing suits made from sustainable materials, such as natural materials or recycled materials.

Pay attention to the manufacturing process. Look for swimwear brands that use eco-friendly dyes, pay their workers a living wage and use renewable energy in their factories.

The Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands on The Market

Here are some brands to look out for when you’re doing your next swimwear shop.


ALOHAS is a European brand that specializes in eco-friendly bathing suits and other swimwear, such as bikinis. Its gorgeous swimwear range is as delightful to look at as it is sustainable and it’s all produced on-demand in Spain.

While the swimwear options are pricier than the items you’d find on a fast fashion site, they’ll last much longer, promising better value for money. ALOHAS even has a section of its site dedicated to vegan clothing - perfect for ethical shoppers.

Peony Swimwear

Peony is so dedicated to producing eco-friendly swimsuits and swimwear, that there’s a whole section on the brand’s site about sustainability. Peony dives into every step of its manufacturing process to share what makes the brand sustainable.

You can even find tips on how to look after your swimwear to make it last longer, a form of aftercare that goes above and beyond to minimize the number of Peony items in landfill.

Fisch Swim

Fisch Swim is one of the most innovative eco-friendly brands out there. Launched in 2017, FISCH was one of the OG brands to use ECONYL, which is a nylon fiber created entirely from abandoned fishing nets and other types of nylon waste.

So innovative is this material that it received press recognition at the time as a pioneering material. The good news is that FISCH’s range is as eye-catching and well-designed as it is sustainable.

Vitamin A Swimwear

With a whole section on its site dedicated to sustainability, Vitamin A Swimwear doesn’t shy away from talking about the environment.

All of its swimwear is produced using recycled and plant-based materials, so you can enjoy looking good in stunning swimwear guilt-free. Plus, a portion of every sale goes toward protecting our oceans.


Summersalt creates its iconic swimwear range using recycled materials, so its production process is easier on the planet. Even the bags that it ships your order in are made from recycled materials.


There are plenty more sustainable swimwear brands on the market to look out for. The best ones have a sustainability section or at least sustainability FAQs on their site to show their transparency and commitment to the cards. Look out for recycled materials, prices that ensure workers are paid a fair wage and swimwear that lasts to avoid harming the planet with your choices.